Thursday, June 15, 2017

Treat the warriors "too friendly."

The fifth season of the NBA finals will burn. Cavaliers coach tryon, according to the NBA's official website - lu said that the team in the game before game 4, treat competitors "too nice", he hopes the game 5 can continue to stay aggressive, cheap snapback hats, like a game 4 with intense physical and verbal communication antagonism to create a tension and pressure warriors.
From 0 to 3 behind the edge of life and death of climbing back, knight in the absolute advantage of the 137-116 about the dignity of game 4, but the atmosphere is extremely nervous, a total of 7 technical fouls on both sides, Kevin love and was blown off by hitting Kevin durant malicious foul, the two sides game powder flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Nonetheless, Lew wants the players to apply the same strategy to game 5.
"Personally, I love it," Mr. Lew said of the tense atmosphere of the fourth game. "In the first two games we played too friendly. In the first three games, our opponents and talking and laughing, I very don't like that. So, since game 4, we must have the trash talking, want to have a physical confrontation, as long as is the way to win, we will try to do it."
In the third game, lebron James and jia DE - McGee had fall together, when James got up and offered stretch out his hand to help Aaron McKie and maggie we are being pushed to James by the hand away as a refusal. Mr Lew believes the cavaliers also have to be "rejected" in the game.
"Take your body to the game," Mr. Lew said. "We think can be to win the game, rather than the opponent playing laughing aloud. They chased us, we also want to chase them play. I don't think our series is there anything interesting and funny. The body is against his opponent in the first three games for us to do so, we're in the same way to hit back. Game 4 is the original, cheap jerseys, we must use the body strength. Garbage or tripped over the rivals, do have to do."
Cavaliers guard j.r. Smith argues that Lou guide words not accurate enough, he said the team treated the warriors is not "too nice", but "respect". "To be honest, I think we're too respectful," JR told ESPN. "Any opponent should be treated with respect, but in the face of the opposition, you can't be too respectful. I think we have found the balance of respect in the fourth."

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The NBA title odds

The 16-17 season finale of the NBA finals! In the G5, the warriors beat the cavaliers 129-120 at home to a 4-1 victory over the cavaliers. cheap nfl jerseys, The former thunder star, former thunder star Kevin durant, was named the FMVP. Just one day after the finals, bookmakers have opened the new season's NBA title odds; The warriors' advantage has been magnified by the recent season.
[in the finals]
NBA championship odds ratio
16-17 season 17-18 season
The warriors were 1.55
The Cleveland cavaliers 4.50
The SAN Antonio spurs 9.00
The celtics' 21.00 celtics are 13.00
Prodigy 81.00 wizard at 29.00
Rocket 67.00 rocket 34.00
The express ship is 51.00
Pelican 67.00 pelicans 51.00
The raptors 41.00 dragon 61.00
Thunder 41.00 thunderbolt 61.00
From the odds, we can see that the warriors have fallen from 1.77 to 1.55, and the title is more obvious. This season, cheap hats, the warriors have performed very well. The first three rounds of the playoffs with a 12-0 record. In the finals, it was even more than a feat of winning a 16-0 win over lebron James. It is widely expected that the warriors are likely to dominate the league in the next few years, and the betting companies are more likely to be good warriors.
The Cleveland cavaliers made a 1 loss in the new season, and the SAN Antonio spurs, who were eliminated by the warriors, didn't change from last season. In terms of odds, the two teams will undoubtedly be the biggest barrier to the founding of the warriors.
In the other teams, the celtics, who have been doing well this season, dropped from 1 to 13 last season to 13, and the rockets went from 67 to 1. The most varied wizards went from 81 to 29. The thunder, the clippers, the raptors, and other teams also made odds.
Of course, the current odds are more than a reference; In the offseason teams will adjust accordingly, transfer, wholesale jerseys, rookie to join, and so on factors will affect the team strength, the odds will change too.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sanchez: 58 million + 13 million a year

News from Chile messenger newspaper media, bayern introducing sanchez trade already have substantial progress, bayern have given clear price, cheap nba hatsmoreover sanchez's agent, fernando feely cut has arrived in Bavaria, and bayern Munich.
Messenger newspaper said that bayern Munich would like to open a $65 million (58 million euros), as well as 14.5 million dollars (13 million euros) annual salary, the equivalent of 220000 pound a week, to attract sanchez to join us.
The messenger reported
Currently sanchez in Arsenal's only paid 130000 pounds, 220000 pounds a week means 70% pay rise, not only that, because Mr. Sanchez and Arsenal contract only 1 year is about to expire, euro 58 million this price is quite have the sincerity.
However, from another point of view, this season, only consider the premier league, sanchez scored 24 goals in Arsenal + 10 assists, and is a real team player, sky sports also voted him the fighting capacity of the highest individual players in the premiership, 58 million sell their player, cheap nfl fitted hatsand appear a little cheaper?

Legend: just as important as the third season

On Wednesday, Manchester united will compete in the champions league final with ajax, nfl jerseys cheapthe daily mirror, points out that if mourinho can rate team win, he will be the first led the team won the champions league, uefa cup and Europa league coach.
Mourinho led Porto to win the uefa cup in 2003
Although Manchester united fans for the reds this season's league performance very disappointed - just above 6, but jose mourinho and his players now still have a chance to make up for the regret. For Manchester united have never won the uefa champions league, and for mourinho himself, it is also a chance to make history.
Jose mourinho, who won the uefa cup with Porto in 2003, it is also the precursor of the Europa league, subsequently, mad with Porto won the champions league in 2004, cheap nhl jerseys2009, led by inter win big ear cup again. The mirror says, if mourinho can led Manchester united won the champions league title this season, mourinho will be the first led the team won the champions league, uefa cup and champions league coach.
At the same time, the hero with united's treble in 1999, york, one of the old black wind double evil spirit is pointed out that Wednesday's final with Manchester united and bayern Munich in 1999 the nou camp are as important as the champions league final: "this game as important as the 99 final, we are creating history at the time, do some clubs did not do before."
"The champions league and Manchester united in the past few years often absent, see a team like Liverpool and tottenham hotspur can participate in the champions league, and Manchester united can't, this will be a huge blow.  cheap ncaa jerseysNow Manchester united have no retreat, this will be a very big race. It also can help to attract top stars to join Manchester united."
"Manchester united have failed to win the premiership for four consecutive season,this for a club like Manchester united is not acceptable, given their money, if they are out of the champions league next season, definitely a heavy blow."
York also worry that if Manchester united lost to ajax, like Glenn boltzmann and cross the top star will not join the old trafford: "although Manchester united has been in the absence of the champions league and pogba bought zlatan ibrahimovic, but now we are still very need players like close and Glenn man, there is no doubt that if Manchester united out of the champions league and other teams will be more attractive than us, but if we can play in the champions league and we know that any top players to join Manchester united will not be a problem."
It is interesting to note that york also suggested that jose mourinho introduced and peja, cheap soccer jerseyslet him to rush at restructuring black wind double evil spirit, just like he and cole: "if I were the united manager, I will go to the pursuit of the page, the second is luca library, and then the lattice boltzmann or bear these stars, once we were able to play in the champions league, one of the best players will come."
"And had her will and rush to destroy everything, you just have to let them play together. Rush ford has now shown his talent, even though the season once lived in the shadow, but he also learned a lot from zlatan ibrahimovic, there is no doubt that will eventually be rush at Manchester united striker, whether the next season or off season, because we must know that he is still young, I look forward to next season he will get more opportunity, cheap MLB Hatsbecause he was born to be a striker."

Messi's renewed contract has been postponed

Messi's contract with Barcelona expired in June 2018, cheap jerseysbut he has been unable to renew his contract with Barcelona. Despite Barcelona top always "messi must sign a new contract with the club," said Catalan media also announced "imminent" contract many times, but the "imminent", almost half a year didn't become a reality.
December 8 last year, macy's father jorge Hector and Barcelona top problem for a contract extension talks for the first time, and fc Barcelona, vice chairman of mace trevor has since said: "the negotiations have entered the final stage, all goes well." Barcelona's top brass are optimistic.
However, after half a year, the contract is not officially signed. Spain's combe radio has revealed that messi's contract extension has been postponed. The station revealed that messi's contract will not be completed until after the summer break. In recent days, the terms of the messi family have been almost as good as the barca summit, but there are still some problems to be solved, cheap mlb jerseysand some details need to be perfected. There is no doubt that messi will renew his contract with Barcelona. But the signing of the contract will probably wait until next season.
The company also disclosed that messi's contract could be renewed in May, but could be delayed for a while because of economic reasons.
According to searle radio, has been basically reached an agreement, now need to improve some small details, and fc Barcelona have delayed the Lionel messi renewal, because executives want to write contract involves spending to account, next season and next season will start from July.
Messi's importance in Barcelona is undeniable. He has won many honours in Barcelona and has helped the team win many trophies. This season, messi has been awarded the top scorer of the la liga and the European golden boot, cheap nba jerseysand he has the opportunity to help the team win the king's cup at the collective level. Both Barcelona fans and clubs want him to stay in nou camp for years.

Bell is expected to return to the finals

Have won the Spanish champions real Madrid, while for the Milky Way battleship, cheap replica oakleysthe season and one of the most important games to play, next month's 4, real Madrid will be the champions league final against Juventus. According to Spanish daily marca, real Madrid team of two of the wounded bear and slip Hal is training hard, two people are expected to debut in the champions league final.
Since joining real Madrid in 2013, the injury problems have been around the bell, this season, bell is injured, four of the most serious one is injured in the last year on November 24, an ankle injury, which bear a truce for 84 days, missed the real Madrid's 17 games.
A quarter in the champions league knockout round first leg match, bell's ankle injury, so another seven days, have missed the league against sporting gijon and second leg against bayern Munich. Although doctors think bell still needs to rest, wholesale nfl jerseysbut zidane was real Madrid against Barcelona in the proceedings of the national Derby adventure will send bell, the bell is in 35 minutes, because the soleus injury, and a truce until today.
It is also a bell in the eighth soleus since joining real Madrid were injured, at the same time in this season, bell 26 games in all competitions for the only real Madrid game, 1924 minutes of play time, playing time is only 44.06% of all real Madrid match time, of the 26 games, bell scored nine goals (including 7 league champions league 2 ball) with 5 assists.
Bell after the injury has been hard in training, he is eager to take part in this season's champions league final, it is understood that since local time on May 15, bell began to participate in the training on the lawn. After real Madrid to win la liga, zinedine zidane specially give players a day off, and injured bell didn't choose to rest, but continue to come to real Madrid to resume training at the training ground. In the current situation, cheap nfl hatsit is likely that bell will be in the champions league final.
In addition to bell, real Madrid injured in training on the team's day off and cavahar. The full-backs in the champions league semi-final first leg with atletico Madrid match with a head hanging in the sky, ur collision injury, then he was Joe for the slip Hal biceps femoris muscle in his right leg secondary injury. In the previous, slip Hal has over 40 games in all competitions for real Madrid, 3459 minutes of play time, accounted for 67.8% of all real Madrid game play time, in 40 games scored 11 assists.
Card oaxaca on Friday was the first step on the lawn after the injury, although the recovery time is later than bear, but from the injury, lighter than bear some slip Hal's injury, cheap oakley sunglassestherefore he also is expected to debut in the champions league final.

Morata 60 million

News from Spain's marca, in determining the returning to Europe after the war, cheap nfl snapback hatsthe Chinese milan will try to have as in the transfer market, club owner Li Yonghong characters are appointed by the Spanish striker mora tower, while real Madrid to the charge in the front is expected to reach 60 million euros.
This season, under the guidance of vincenzo montella, milan or achieved good results, round into early next season's champions league cup, and milan beat Juventus won the Italian super cup champion. Milan have been successful this season, judging by their results.
During this season, the Chinese capital to complete the acquisition to the season, and now the summer transfer window is open, the Chinese capital will certainly try to bring to the team of high quality signings, marca revealed that milan boss Li Yonghong very like mora tower, cheap nfl jerseyshe will buy Spanish striker as a top target.
Selma radio has pointed out that maura tower if you want to leave, then real Madrid top not barriers, but given the efficiency of mora tower 42 games 19 goals this season, real Madrid want on the front bully received the transfer of 60 million euros in return.
After real Madrid clinched the la liga title, morata was celebrating with tears and western media thought it was a sign he might leave the team. In addition, morata has plenty of reasons to play in Italy. First, he had previously played at Juventus and had no problem adjusting to serie a. Second, he will be married this summer, and his fiancee is the Venetian. Third, there is no question that he will be an absolute signpost when he comes to milan.
From the analysis of the Spanish media, cheap snapbacksmilan have a good chance of getting morata, but Chelsea are also interested in the striker.